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koniiichiwa-sama (Reviews)

This Manhwa (korean comics) is amazing and i recommend everyone to check it out. (Im also gonna be using the English version of there names so it wont be as complicated)

Story: 9/10
The main character Daniel is basically this fat teen that nobody really likes. he was basically bullied most of his life and his mom is the only person that looks out for him. His family is poor so they live in a shabby house with low quality food. his mom is the only person that helped him in life but he said harsh things towards her, even tho shes his only ally in life. He transfers schools because of all the bullying. and on the first day of school he became this hunk of a guy, he was fit handsome and was so confused as to what was going on. then he realized he basically had 2 bodies. his normal body and this one. he gets good friends later and basically has a pretty good life. The story is sort of a drama, slice of life, romance, mystery, action sort of manhwa. the story slows down often but then it gets good again after slowing down so i give it a 9/10

Art: 10/10
Lets take into consideration that this manga is in FULL COLOR! that takes so much time and effort. the art itself is also so amazing its one of the more simpler but amazing art styles.

Characters: 9.5/10
The characters in this story are amazing but some of them seem a bit bland. take his mom for example she is an amazingly nice character, however daniel was often an asshole to her. later in the story daniel becomes a better person and so on. there is also alot of amazing characters in this manhwa.

This manga is so enjoyable i recommend it to everyone. it gives u the feels, the laughs, and everything else u could ever want in a story.

Overall 9.6/10:
Thats basically it, so go check out this manhwa i guarantee you will love it (most likely).

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